Wedding photography prices in Spain

Our wedding photography prices. This is just some of them, you can also add a photo-call, a couple of mini albums for your parents or, since we are giving the pre wedding session  as a gift, you can also hire the post wedding so you have both. Obviously we are opened to any suggestion or needs that you might need. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best :)

Hire your wedding photography service with us and get the pre-wedding and the packaging (box personalized for you) for free!
Both gifts are valued in more than 250€







VAT included in the price


How many pictures will I have?
It will vary between a wedding and another, but minimum 600 pictures. All of them at maximum resolution.

Do you edit the pictures? Do they have watermarks?
Yes, we edit -one by one- every picture. And no, none of them will have watermarks. We wouldn’t even think about messing up such a meaningful and personal work with advertising. They are your pictures!

Can you cover our wedding in any city of Spain?
Even though we are based in Valencia we can offer our services in any city of Spain, or even the world. For example we have done wedding coverages in Valencia, but also in Alicante, Altea, Benidorm, Denia, Javea, the Costa Blanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Santander… wherever, just ask us. (Other expenses may be charged such as transportation if it’s farther than 100km radius from Valencia, accommodation and food)

Will you make us pose or will it be natural pictures?
Our style lies in naturalness: we will ask you to pose occasionally, but 80/90% of the moments and expressions will be natural, spontaneous and improvised.

How many photographers will cover the wedding?
It will be covered by two (David and Carla). If you want video one of us will be in charge of the video and the other one of the pictures.

We want an album. How will pick the pictures?
That’s your call: it can be done by you or by us. In case you want to do it we’ll upload a pre-selection of the best images so you can pick the ones you like.

What’s the album size? and what materials do you have for the cover?
We usually work with two sizes: panoramic 30×40 or squared 30×30. The cover can be fabric, velvet, leather or printed. That’s your call.

How long will it take to get the pictures?
Two (2) months maximum + shipping time (if we need to ship it) counting from the next day we finish the coverage.

What is the payment form?
To make it easier and more comfortable the payment will be split in 3 dates: 30% of the total amount when we sign the contract; a 40% one month before the wedding and the last 30% when we give you everything.

Do you cover many weddings on the same day?
No. We just do one wedding per day. We are fully committed to you and your special day.

Are your packs closed? We want a service we haven’t seen in your website
We are opened to any proposal or idea. Our packs are flexible and can be personalized at your own way

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